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Tax Appeals

Tribunal Review

The Office of Secretary to the Tribunal and the Office of Counsel to the Tribunal are the two principal staff operations working directly with the Tribunal.

The Secretary to the Tribunal is responsible for the administrative aspects of the judicial (review function) and non-judicial functions of the Tribunal.

The Counsel to the Tribunal is responsible for assisting the Tribunal in the preparation of decisions on cases before it. The office is staffed by a paralegal.

After reviewing the record of the hearing and any arguments, oral or by brief, the Tribunal will issue a written decision either affirming, reversing or modifying the determination of the Administrative Law Judge, or remanding the case for additional proceedings before such Administrative Law Judge. Each decision of the Tribunal sets forth the issues in the case, the relevant facts established by the parties in the record at hearing and the Tribunal's opinion which applies applicable law to such facts. Each decision must be rendered within six months from the date of notice to the Tribunal that exception is being taken to the determination of the Administrative Law Judge. This period is extended if oral or written argument is made before the Tribunal.

Decisions rendered by the Tribunal are final and binding on the Department of Taxation and Finance, i.e., there is no appeal to the courts. Taxpayers who are not satisfied with the decision of the Tribunal have the right to appeal the Tribunal's decision by instituting a proceeding pursuant to Article 78 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules to the Appellate Division Third Department of the State Supreme Court.